Unit BSHL7DT251

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HL7 2.5.1 Data Type definition


Classes, Interfaces, Objects and Records

Name Description
Class TbsAD_251 Address
Class TbsAUI_251 Authorization Information
Class TbsCCD_251 Charge Code and Date
Class TbsCCP_251 Channel Calibration Parameters
Class TbsCD_251 Channel Definition
Class TbsCE_251 Coded Element
Class TbsCF_251 Coded Element with Formatted Values
Class TbsCNE_251 Coded with No Exceptions
Class TbsCNN_251 Composite ID Number and Name Simplified
Class TbsCP_251 Composite Price
Class TbsCQ_251 Composite Quantity with Units
Class TbsCSU_251 Channel Sensitivity
Class TbsCWE_251 Coded with Exceptions
Class TbsCX_251 Extended Composite ID with Check Digit
Class TbsDDI_251 Daily Deductible Information
Class TbsDIN_251 Date and Institution Name
Class TbsDLD_251 Discharge Location and Date
Class TbsDLN_251 Driver_s License Number
Class TbsDLT_251 Delta
Class TbsDR_251 Date/Time Range
Class TbsDT_251  
Class TbsDTM_251  
Class TbsDTN_251 Day Type and Number
Class TbsED_251 Encapsulated Data
Class TbsEI_251 Entity Identifier
Class TbsEIP_251 Entity Identifier Pair
Class TbsELD_251 Error Location and Description
Class TbsERL_251 Error Location
Class TbsFC_251 Financial Class
Class TbsFN_251 Family Name
Class TbsFT_251  
Class TbsGTS_251  
Class TbsHD_251 Hierarchic Designator
Class TbsICD_251 Insurance Certification Definition
Class TbsID_251  
Class TbsIS_251  
Class TbsJCC_251 Job Code/Class
Class TbsLA1_251 Location with Address Variation 1
Class TbsLA2_251 Location with Address Variation 2
Class TbsMA_251 Multiplexed Array
Class TbsMO_251 Money
Class TbsMOC_251 Money and Code
Class TbsMOP_251 Money or Percentage
Class TbsMSG_251 Message Type
Class TbsNA_251 Numeric Array
Class TbsNDL_251 Name with Date and Location
Class TbsNM_251  
Class TbsNR_251 Numeric Range
Class TbsOCD_251 Occurrence Code and Date
Class TbsOSD_251 Order Sequence Definition
Class TbsOSP_251 Occurrence Span Code and Date
Class TbsPIP_251 Practitioner Institutional Privileges
Class TbsPL_251 Person Location
Class TbsPLN_251 Practitioner License or Other ID Number
Class TbsPPN_251 Performing Person Time Stamp
Class TbsPRL_251 Parent Result Link
Class TbsPT_251 Processing Type
Class TbsPTA_251 Policy Type and Amount
Class TbsQIP_251 Query Input Parameter List
Class TbsQSC_251 Query Selection Criteria
Class TbsRCD_251 Row Column Definition
Class TbsRFR_251 Reference Range
Class TbsRI_251 Repeat Interval
Class TbsRMC_251 Room Coverage
Class TbsRP_251 Reference Pointer
Class TbsRPT_251 Repeat Pattern
Class TbsSAD_251 Street Address
Class TbsSCV_251 Scheduling Class Value Pair
Class TbsSI_251  
Class TbsSN_251 Structured Numeric
Class TbsSPD_251 Specialty Description
Class TbsSPS_251 Specimen Source
Class TbsSRT_251 Sort Order
Class TbsST_251  
Class TbsTM_251  
Class TbsTQ_251 Timing Quantity
Class TbsTS_251 Time Stamp
Class TbsTX_251  
Class TbsUVC_251 UB Value Code and Amount
Class TbsVARIES_251  
Class TbsVH_251 Visiting Hours
Class TbsVID_251 Version Identifier
Class TbsVR_251 Value Range
Class TbsVTQ_251 Virtual Table Query Request
Class TbsWVI_251 Channel Identifier
Class TbsWVS_251 Waveform Source
Class TbsXAD_251 Extended Address
Class TbsXCN_251 Extended Composite ID Number and Name for Persons
Class TbsXON_251 Extended Composite Name and Identification Number for Organizations
Class TbsXPN_251 Extended Person Name
Class TbsXTN_251 Extended Telecommunication Number
Class TbsABS_251 Abstract
Class TbsACC_251 Accident
Class TbsADD_251 Addendum
Class TbsAFF_251 Professional Affiliation
Class TbsAIG_251 Appointment Information - General Resource
Class TbsAIL_251 Appointment Information - Location Resource
Class TbsAIP_251 Appointment Information - Personnel Resource
Class TbsAIS_251 Appointment Information
Class TbsAL1_251 Patient Allergy Information
Class TbsAPR_251 Appointment Preferences
Class TbsARQ_251 Appointment Request
Class TbsAUT_251 Authorization Information
Class TbsBLC_251 Blood Code
Class TbsBLG_251 Billing
Class TbsBPO_251 Blood product order
Class TbsBPX_251 Blood product dispense status
Class TbsBTX_251 Blood Product Transfusion/Disposition
Class TbsCDM_251 Charge Description Master
Class TbsCER_251 Certificate Detail
Class TbsCM0_251 Clinical Study Master
Class TbsCM1_251 Clinical Study Phase Master
Class TbsCM2_251 Clinical Study Schedule Master
Class TbsCNS_251 Clear Notification
Class TbsCSP_251 Clinical Study Phase
Class TbsCSR_251 Clinical Study Registration
Class TbsCSS_251 Clinical Study Data Schedule Segment
Class TbsCTD_251 Contact Data
Class TbsCTI_251 Clinical Trial Identification
Class TbsDB1_251 Disability
Class TbsDG1_251 Diagnosis
Class TbsDRG_251 Diagnosis Related Group
Class TbsDSC_251 Continuation Pointer
Class TbsDSP_251 Display Data
Class TbsECD_251 Equipment Command
Class TbsECR_251 Equipment Command Response
Class TbsEDU_251 Educational Detail
Class TbsEQL_251 Embedded Query Language
Class TbsEQP_251 Equipment/log Service
Class TbsEQU_251 Equipment Detail
Class TbsERQ_251 Event replay query
Class TbsERR_251 Error
Class TbsEVN_251 Event Type
Class TbsFAC_251 Facility
Class TbsFT1_251 Financial Transaction
Class TbsGOL_251 Goal Detail
Class TbsGP1_251 Grouping/Reimbursement - Visit
Class TbsGP2_251 Grouping/Reimbursement - Procedure Line Item
Class TbsGT1_251 Guarantor
Class TbsIAM_251 Patient Adverse Reaction Information
Class TbsIIM_251 Inventory Item Master
Class TbsIN1_251 Insurance
Class TbsIN2_251 Insurance Additional Information
Class TbsIN3_251 Insurance Additional Information, Certification
Class TbsINV_251 Inventory Detail
Class TbsIPC_251 Imaging Procedure Control Segment
Class TbsISD_251 Interaction Status Detail
Class TbsLAN_251 Language Detail
Class TbsLCC_251 Location Charge Code
Class TbsLCH_251 Location Characteristic
Class TbsLDP_251 Location Department
Class TbsLOC_251 Location Identification
Class TbsLRL_251 Location Relationship
Class TbsMFA_251 Master File Acknowledgment
Class TbsMFE_251 Master File Entry
Class TbsMFI_251 Master File Identification
Class TbsMRG_251 Merge Patient Information
Class TbsMSA_251 Message Acknowledgment
Class TbsMSH_251 Message Header
Class TbsNCK_251 System Clock
Class TbsNDS_251 Notification Detail
Class TbsNK1_251 Next of Kin / Associated Parties
Class TbsNPU_251 Bed Status Update
Class TbsNSC_251 Application Status Change
Class TbsNST_251 Application control level statistics
Class TbsNTE_251 Notes and Comments
Class TbsOBR_251 Observation Request
Class TbsOBX_251 Observation/Result
Class TbsODS_251 Dietary Orders, Supplements, and Preferences
Class TbsODT_251 Diet Tray Instructions
Class TbsOM1_251 General Segment
Class TbsOM2_251 Numeric Observation
Class TbsOM3_251 Categorical Service/Test/Observation
Class TbsOM4_251 Observations that Require Specimens
Class TbsOM5_251  
Class TbsOM6_251 Observations that are Calculated from Other Observations
Class TbsOM7_251 Additional Basic Attributes
Class TbsORC_251 Common Order
Class TbsORG_251 Practitioner Organization Unit
Class TbsOVR_251 Override Segment
Class TbsPCR_251 Possible Causal Relationship
Class TbsPD1_251 Patient Additional Demographic
Class TbsPDA_251 Patient Death and Autopsy
Class TbsPDC_251 Product Detail Country
Class TbsPEO_251 Product Experience Observation
Class TbsPES_251 Product Experience Sender
Class TbsPID_251 Patient Identification
Class TbsPR1_251 Procedures
Class TbsPRA_251 Practitioner Detail
Class TbsPRB_251 Problem Details
Class TbsPRC_251 Pricing
Class TbsPRD_251 Provider Data
Class TbsPSH_251 Product Summary Header
Class TbsPTH_251 Pathway
Class TbsPV1_251 Patient Visit
Class TbsPV2_251 Patient Visit - Additional Information
Class TbsQAK_251 Query Acknowledgment
Class TbsQID_251 Query Identification
Class TbsQPD_251 Query Parameter Definition
Class TbsQRD_251 Original-Style Query Definition
Class TbsQRF_251 Original style query filter
Class TbsQRI_251 Query Response Instance
Class TbsRCP_251 Response Control Parameter
Class TbsRDF_251 Table Row Definition
Class TbsRDT_251 Table Row Data
Class TbsRF1_251 Referral Information
Class TbsRGS_251 Resource Group
Class TbsRMI_251 Risk Management Incident
Class TbsROL_251 Role
Class TbsRQ1_251 Requisition Detail-1
Class TbsRQD_251 Requisition Detail
Class TbsRXA_251 Pharmacy/Treatment Administration
Class TbsRXC_251 Pharmacy/Treatment Component Order
Class TbsRXD_251 Pharmacy/Treatment Dispense
Class TbsRXE_251 Pharmacy/Treatment Encoded Order
Class TbsRXG_251 Pharmacy/Treatment Give
Class TbsRXO_251 Pharmacy/Treatment Order
Class TbsRXR_251 Pharmacy/Treatment Route
Class TbsSAC_251 Specimen Container detail
Class TbsSCH_251 Scheduling Activity Information
Class TbsSFT_251 Software Segment
Class TbsSID_251 Substance Identifier
Class TbsSPM_251 Specimen
Class TbsSPR_251 Stored Procedure Request Definition
Class TbsSTF_251 Staff Identification
Class TbsTCC_251 Test Code Configuration
Class TbsTCD_251 Test Code Detail
Class TbsTQ1_251 Timing/Quantity
Class TbsTQ2_251 Timing/Quantity Relationship
Class TbsTXA_251 Transcription Document Header
Class TbsUB1_251 UB82
Class TbsUB2_251 UB92 Data
Class TbsURD_251 Results/update Definition
Class TbsURS_251 Unsolicited Selection
Class TbsVAR_251 Variance

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